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  • Bring news with browser button
  • Bring news with RSS.
  • News moderation.
  • Newsletter integration.
  • Newsletter automation.
  • Social Sharecounts.


  • What is the difference between NewsletterBreeze and ContentBreeze?

    NewsletterBreeze brings the best content and lets you share really easily the most popular content through your newsletter. ContentBreeze also gives you a website to share all the content with your visitors (in your own domain) and helps you gain subscribers. It is also linked to your social media accounts.

  • What are the $37 and $47 options for NewsletterBreeze?

    The $37 plan has a small logo in the lower part of the Newsletter. The $47 option does not have the logo. We give a $10 discount to the people who are happy having a small logo in the footer of the newsletter

  • The price for the first month is only 1 dollar?

    Yes. You can use the website for a full month and see what it can do for your company for only 1 dollar. If you decide to cancel the service during the first month, we will not charge any more.

  • Can I set the account myself?

    Sure. The website is designed so that you can configure it and manage it yourself. It’s simple and it’s all explained in the administrator.

  • Can you configure the account for me?

    Yes, we can configure the full account for you. The initial configuration includes finding, selecting and configuring the websites you want to bring the news from. You can find more information about this here.

  • Is the news brought to my current website or to another one?

    You have the two options. We give you the complete system, which includes bringing the news and a website for displaying them. If you want to integrate the news on your current website, you can do so. We integrate with the main CMS or can do a special integration so you can display the news from your account in your current website.

  • Can I change the current layout of the website of my account?

    The appearance of the web is configurable within limits. You can set colors or images you want to display. We can also create new designs upon request.

  • Can I use my own domain in the news website?

    Yes, you can display the website we give you on your own domain or subdomain. For example, or At all times we are at your disposal to help you in the setup. Everything is very simple.

  • How does the account bring the news?

    You configure the websites you want to bring the news from and the criteria in the admin, so the website only brings news you are interested about. This news is brought through RSS or through a module we have developed to bring news from websites that do not have RSS.

  • How long will it take for me to manage my account each week?

    After the initial setup, you no longer have to spend any time to have the site fully operative and updated. The website works 100 % on autopilot. The website gets news, organizes it and does it all automatically. All you have to do is promote it to attract people to your website.

  • What technical knowledge do I need to configure the website?

    You do not need to have any special technical skills to configure and administer the site. All steps are very simple and you will get step by step instructions on how to set everything up.

  • How do newsletters work?

    You can send a newsletter to your subscribers automatically or choose the news you want to send in just a few clicks. This news is taken from the news that your account is already bringing in. It is sent by email. The site is integrated with the main email marketing providers, so you can use these newsletters for the lists you already have.