A great newsletter is the best way to keep your website visitors and customers engaged to build a relationship with them over time. If you are not convinced, our free course explains why.

25125824_sDo You have a newsletter?

  • If you don’t, is it because you do not create content?,
  • is it because you cannot afford it (time, money)?

If you have a newsletter…

  • Do you regularly update it?
  • Does it provide enough value to your subscribers?
  • Does it really interest your audience?
  • Is it engaging?
  • Is it mainly product/service offers?
  • Is it updates about your company?

Are you getting enough subscribers?

  • Do you give them a compelling reason to subscribe?
  • Are you happy with the number of people who are opening or reading it?

Having a fantastic newsletter is not easy. You need to dedicate people and resources to it. You can also use NewsletterBreeze for an easier, more efficient way to create a newsletter worth reading:

NewsletterBreeze automatically brings the best content from your niche for your newsletter, so you can always have updated and fresh content. You only need to decide what your newsletter needs to be about, configure it, and let it do the heavy lifting for you. You can add your own content and offers, and personalize it.

You configure the sites you want to bring news from and the types of news you want to bring. From then onwards, every hour, NewsletterBreeze brings the latest news and puts them into your account. It tells you what news has been the most popular on social media.


You link your account to your email marketing service (we are integrated with most). From that moment onwards, just by clicking the “Newsletter” button under the news you want to add, the news will be added.


Everyone loves NewsletterBreeze.com!

Here’s all the great value it can give you!

  • Save lots of time. You don’t need to write or search for content. NewsletterBreeze does it for you and tells you what is most popular. Generating a great newsletter is a matter of minutes.
  • Keep your subscribers always engaged.
  • Learn what your subscribers like, by looking at what content they click on.
  • Integrate your offers in a newsletter surrounded by the best content. Your subscribers will see your offers because they will read your newsletters.
  • Be considered a real expert in your niche by your subscribers.

Great Value for your Subscribers!

  • There will be a compeling reason for your audience to subscribe.
  • They will receive the best content in their field of interest, from you, a selection of the best news. They will always be expecting your newsletters with anticipation.

NewsletterBreeze automatically collects the best content in any niche. It provides information on the best content and lets you share it easily with your subscribers through a newsletter.